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I am blessed to have a week and a half in India, a place brimming with sacred energy and the roots of the spiritual practices about which I am learning. Piecing together your own spiritual practice is a bit like … Continue reading

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The Hidden Benefits of Yoga

Today I woke up from a bad dream (I was traveling and had forgotten to bring my bags and my phone was broken so I couldn’t call to have them brought) – and my alarm was going off at 6:40.  … Continue reading

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Random Moments of Joy

Today is my birthday.  Sometimes that means it’s a happy day, other times it’s a little sad.  But today, a fairly normal day where I’ll do some homework, teach a yoga class, hang out with my daughter, I feel connected … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned at Wanderlust 2013

I love Wanderlust for many reasons. I volunteered last year and had an amazing time; it could hardly have been better. I was introduced to my new favorite inspirational yoga teacher, Janet Stone, and had several classes with her. I … Continue reading

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Tiger Tale – a Tease

(I have not been writing much, friends. And I apologize!  But I’m at work on a novel I recently picked up again after a few years off.  My blogging has been quiet lately.  But suddenly I see an idea for yet another … Continue reading

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The Christmas Letter I Did Not Write

  I never write a Christmas letter anymore.  I don’t send Christmas cards.  Funny how those traditions just seem to fade.  With a divorce, with grown kids, with the passage of time, all things change.  I have lost some dear … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Loved About Wanderlust Copper and One Thing I Didn’t

This week marked my first experience with the Wanderlust Festival. If you’re not familiar with Wanderlust, it’s all about YOGA. There are speakers, and there is music, but mostly there are yoga classes taught by famous (and not so famous) … Continue reading

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