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I Like It Hot in Madrid

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. So yoga, in another language, should be able to deliver all the things it delivers at home. Right? Since I am staying in Madrid for a while, I decided to … Continue reading

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Sex is a Team Sport!! (There is No “I” in Team – But There Damned Sure Better Be an “O”)

(written Sep. 23, for those keeping track of my whereabouts!) I was propositioned yesterday. And I love men – 99% of them – (even when it is purely for their entertainment value), so I was flattered. This man works construction … Continue reading

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Morocco Loco!!!

Morocco – The red earth, the colorful traditional dress, the persistent vendors and beggars – Marrakech is a city truly of another world! I arrived here Saturday, went into the main square Sunday night to participate in the madness there, … Continue reading

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