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On Love (or Happy New Year – in August!)

Note: while editing my memoir – or avoiding it – I was scrolling through blogs I’d written.  I wrote this one on New Years and somehow neglected to post it.  Better late than never, right!  Happy New Year, friends! Love, … Continue reading

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I am often perceived by others as being braver than I really am. Yes, people know that I travel and explore new places. What they don’t know is that I am always afraid I’ve left something out, something behind, something … Continue reading

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I have noticed an interesting trend in relationships over the last few years.  My cousin is doing it.  A friend recently did it.  It’s the practice of looking up ones old high school boyfriend after a relationship ends and getting … Continue reading

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I walk around my house, a house I love.  I have filled it with memories from my travels – in my room are 4 canvas photos (Costa Rica, Peru, Spain, Morocco).  A camel bone mirror is on my wall, a … Continue reading

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Recently someone posted a picture on my Facebook wall:  “I’m not single.  I’m in a relationship with freedom!” Ha-ha-ha, yeah baby. You tell ‘em! (Choking back a sad mournful whimper) It’s time for me to admit that I’m not as … Continue reading

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Being Single SUCKS!!!

Learning to sit with yourself in quiet acceptance is a noble and worthwhile endeavor. We are, each and every one of us, ultimately alone. We are born alone and we will die alone. It is a valiant and wise person … Continue reading

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Finding Peace at Christmas Time

‘Tis the season to think back on the closing year; to reflect on the things that happened, the people who touched our lives, and to begin to plan for the upcoming year. As John Lennon sang, “And so this is … Continue reading

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