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I have noticed an interesting trend in relationships over the last few years.  My cousin is doing it.  A friend recently did it.  It’s the practice of looking up ones old high school boyfriend after a relationship ends and getting … Continue reading

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Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed??

Yes, yes, oh God, yes! And here’s why: • Yoga teachers know the body. They know theirs and they want to know yours. Your yoga teacher lover won’t be afraid to touch you. Anywhere. And she won’t be shy about … Continue reading

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I recently heard an NPR show about “a good death”. The author said he chose not to use that term, but rather to talk about the transition, and that there is a better view upon death that is uncommon in … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned at Wanderlust 2013

I love Wanderlust for many reasons. I volunteered last year and had an amazing time; it could hardly have been better. I was introduced to my new favorite inspirational yoga teacher, Janet Stone, and had several classes with her. I … Continue reading

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Tiger Tale – a Tease

(I have not been writing much, friends. And I apologize!  But I’m at work on a novel I recently picked up again after a few years off.  My blogging has been quiet lately.  But suddenly I see an idea for yet another … Continue reading

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Ode to an Old Friend

He is following me around the house like a lumbering, elderly wolf.  It is as if he knows.  The last time we did this was a year and a half ago, but perhaps he remembers.  Back then, he could still … Continue reading

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Recently someone posted a picture on my Facebook wall:  “I’m not single.  I’m in a relationship with freedom!” Ha-ha-ha, yeah baby. You tell ‘em! (Choking back a sad mournful whimper) It’s time for me to admit that I’m not as … Continue reading

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