A Lesson From Heartbreak

Sometimes, love swoops down on you like a beautiful bird.  And sometimes it is a vulture, eager to rip out your heart.

People say you should be open to love, to believe in it.

But love can be a liar.

Things that seem too good to be true can seem that way because they are not really true.

What someone else does to you can make you believe that you were never really worth it, that the tiny voices in your head that have always told you that no one could possibly love you were right. That somehow you are the broken person that you forgot about for a while during a whirlwind dance with the devil. And now, suddenly you remember. You feel like a fool, like an idiot.

But maybe, just maybe, what someone else does to manipulate your feelings happened to make you remember you still have feelings. Maybe there is strength and resilience within you that can take the lessons to be learned and walk away a changed person with scars that don’t destroy you, but enhance the beauty that was always there.

And maybe someone, somewhere, someday really can love you.

Or maybe not.

But you cannot control other people, only yourself. So you pick your shaky self up off the ground and remember that you can love yourself better than any other person on the planet. And if that’s all you get, then that’s all you need.

About catnipkiss

I am a writer who is working on a travel memoir. I write about issues that speak to my soul: love, sex, yoga, spirituality, body image, dating and friendship, and more as it comes up! I love comments - thanks! What would YOU like to explore?
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5 Responses to A Lesson From Heartbreak

  1. duwaynecook says:

    Sorry to say but as you are learning to find true love has become almost an effort in futility.
    We have become so self possessed that we haven’t the time to give our love. only to take.

  2. Alesa says:

    Oh! But you are everything. And whatever he did was not a reflection of you or your character, but his character. You are a loving being and he showed you your beauty. You can love again and again because you are strong.

  3. ironmikealfa says:

    I am sorry,that you are hurting,dear fiend.I could tell you,that you will rebound,and be stronger,for it.And that is true,but it may seem like empty words.For the thirty years I have known you,I have been in awe, of how truly strong you are. Yes,you have had much heart break in your life,yet you always rally,and come back even stronger. You give your heart,in all that you do.But,that is the nature of being a passionate human being,you can’t do other wise.Nor should you.After every thing,you have been through,look at the person you are now.Take the time to mend your heart,reflect.You will love,again,with all your heart.Life,is a journey,into the unknown,not a destination.Along the way,we love,we hurt.We go on,the promise of love,the force that moves us forward. You have been an inspiration to me,for as long as I have known you. Love ya’,sweet girl.

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