Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed?

(Originally published in elephant journal:  under pen name, Alexa Maxwell)

Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed?

Yes, yes, oh God yes!

And here’s why:

• Yoga teachers know the body. They know theirs and they want to know yours. Your yoga teacher lover won’t be afraid to touch you. Anywhere. And she won’t be shy about touching herself, knowing what feels good, showing you what positions will hit her personal favorite spots. All this body knowledge is going to make for some powerful sex.

• Yoga teachers have passion. They have dedicated a lot of time to something that is not necessarily a lucrative profession. They have studied and asked questions. They have followed the urge to go deep in their physical, spiritual, and emotional selves.

• The lights are on and everybody’s home. Your yoga teacher lover has gone through all the body image stuff and come through the other side. Yoga classes are not a place to be shy or self- conscious. She has sneakily, in the beginning, compared her body to hundreds of others, and learned to see the universal beauty in every physical form instead of weighing her own deficits. She has seen her body change and grow stronger, and she has witnessed this journey in others: first in classmates, then in students. She has seen young and old, fat and skinny, athletic, voluptuous, tattooed, black, brown, yellow, pink, and white, and seen the beauty in them all. She has undergone a spiritual journey as well as a physical one, and it has lit her up in ways she never dreamed possible. She is eager to share that new wealth. Finally, she has turned back to her own physical body and learned to appreciate its strength and grace, and forgiven it for its limitations.

• Yoga, like the best sex, is about the journey, not goal oriented. Yet, yogis are also pleasure-pursuers. Yoga has become a sport, and like all sports, there is a high that you get when you master a pose, push a little farther, achieve the balance, go to a place that was previously unreachable. She has gotten high on her own body, and she has received contact high from others discovering their personal pleasure. She can spend all day exploring mutual pleasure with you. (Maybe learning a little about Tantra could be great for both of you!) She can also hit it hard, fast, and accurately when the occasion calls for it.

• And finally, the one you were waiting for: how does the practice of yoga translate into physical ability to be amazing in bed (or on floor, table, against the wall, in the car, wherever these lovemaking sessions take place?) Strength, flexibility, and endurance are components of yoga. They are also elements that make the difference between boring same-old sex and something a little different once in a while. So enjoy exploring these things with your yogi or yogini lover, because she has earned the appreciation.

Disclaimer: I have used the female pronoun here because….. well, because I’m a girl! But this applies to yoga guys as well. Obviously!


About catnipkiss

I am a writer who is working on a travel memoir. I write about issues that speak to my soul: love, sex, yoga, spirituality, body image, dating and friendship, and more as it comes up! I love comments - thanks! What would YOU like to explore?
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One Response to Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed?

  1. Elias Cresh says:

    Hmmm. I don’t that that’s true. I mean, maybe my experience is just too limited but it wasn’t all that. I mean, my hookups in that area were fine, well played, but nothing that makes you want to call the Times and tell them you’ve found the holy grail. However, the bodies are ROCKIN, no question. I remember the first time one took of her clothes and I was like, “I’m being punk’d aren’t I? I’m just not this lucky.”

    I shall endeavor to “get more data” and get back to you on all this.

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