Sex With a Moving Object

August 9, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot about sex. Well, that is not entirely accurate. It’s more a case of…. I’ve been avoiding sex, a little like a player in Space Invaders, avoiding all the incoming blasts from alien ships. (Apologies to the youngsters, I have no analogy for sex and Mario Cart.)

I am astounded by the number of men I have met in less than ten days of travelling throughout Spain. The thing is, while the attention is nice and all that, this is not why I came here. I came for adventure. I recently learned in a Spanish class that “aventura” is a word that means a fling or love affair. Is this the reason I have so many applicants for a position I didn’t realize I was posting?

Another thing that might be happening (especially that wild night mambo-ing and salsa dancing in a San Sebastian disco) is that these men know something about me without my telling them. They can feel it in the air, and in the way my body yields to them when we dance. They know I’m hungry for physical touch. I’m a starving person at a dangerous buffet. Hell, I’m the first to admit that it has been a while since I last ate, let alone really pigged out!

What gets me is that I am open for meeting someone, for having a relationship, for dating, and intimately exploring someone else’s body and mind and experiences and dreams. But it’s hard to do this in a language I am not fluent in, and it is impossible to do when I am only passing through. Although, if I discount my two and a half recent marriage proposals, maybe that element – the temporariness – is what these guys crave most. (Marrying for a green card is another story altogether. While I acknowledge the likelihood of this when considering the Latino men I’ve run into, I’m just not gonna get into it here. Raise your hand if this makes you happy!)

A man I once loved used to annoy the hell out of me by playing those old “lonesome cowboy” songs. Look up practically anything by Marshall Tucker Band. The theme tends to be, “I’m just passin’ through, darlin’, I’m a ramblin’ man, baby don’t get hooked on me…” etc., etc., etc! After I broke up with him I read the incredible book, “Why Men Won’t Commit” (2004, by George Weinberg, PhD),and I had a light bulb moment. One chapter was entitled “The Need to Travel Light”. Bingo! ALL men want to feel like that lonesome cowboy, free and independent, no one tying them down (even the ones who like being tied up!) And in a relationship it is important for them to maintain this mindset. In the book, Weinberg calls it the Masculine Pretense. Don’t roll your eyes, mister, the book was written by a male, remember?

But here is the clincher: most men also want love and commitment; some just don’t want to acknowledge the fact. And the nice guys don’t want to see you cry, so they won’t ever be the one to break up, they just pull back, close themselves off, remain vague, or cheat until you do the dirty work for them.

So, back to the lovely abundance of men here: it’s all of the above in a nutshell. An aventura, shall we say? They desire the flavor of the month, Americana Sola, sweet and ripe. Easy, fun, and leaves the cowboy (vaquero) free to enjoy life while I am the one moseying on. As I leave Barcelona for Madrid, I remain chaste, while still being chased. For me, it is the best combination for the present moment. Maybe later I will find something to satisfy my gnawing hunger. But a one night stand, I know, won’t do it.



About catnipkiss

I am a writer who is working on a travel memoir. I write about issues that speak to my soul: love, sex, yoga, spirituality, body image, dating and friendship, and more as it comes up! I love comments - thanks! What would YOU like to explore?
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2 Responses to Sex With a Moving Object

  1. harriet bissell says:

    Obviously this is how I need to keep track of where you are, what’s going on. Good old Facebook. Did you ever listen to Susan Piver’s ralk on the Odds of Marriage? Good stuff….true;

  2. The girl next door says:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping over and commenting. Apologies for my delayed response, I”m sure you know…life sometimes gets in the way of everything else.

    I love your place! So fun, homey, and inviting.

    I will be back.

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